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The Living Water Foundation is inviting you to our first annual Feast in the Field – an extraordinary farm to table dining experience.
This exciting event will feature an evening of seasonal, locally sourced Food for the Southern Soul prepared by lowcountry legend, Jimmy Haygood.

Feast in the Field is the signature fundraising event for the Living Water Foundation. Money raised from this event will be used to assist with the development and implementation of the Living Water Foundation Community Garden and Education Center. The garden will serve as a communal “farmacy” for people interested in improving their health through healthy lifestyle changes.

Founded in 1998, the Living Water foundation originated from the vision, dedication and compassion of Dr. Oscar Lovelace. As a family physician, Dr. Lovelace saw first hand the burdens and needs of his patients as well as his community.

Initially, the foundation was established to assist patients who could not afford their medications. Over the years, a group of selfless caring individuals has nurtured this work to a much broader scope. Today, the Living Water Foundation is a non-profit 501©3 organization with the mission to encourage all people to achieve a better quality of life.

Come to the table and join us for a great meal and even better company.